I love all kinds of puzzles: crossword puzzles, iron-monger puzzles, oriental wooden puzzles, puzzle boxes, ciphers, acrostics, cryptic crosswords, jigsaw puzzles, anything that challenges my mind. A while back, I invented a wooden cube puzzle. It was fun and beautiful and assembled in several different ways. It was also very expensive to make. So I devised the OZCANVEXUSâ„¢ puzzle to have even more versatility plus the most play value per dollar possible.oz pic collage01

I think I’ve succeeded. For the price of one jigsaw puzzle, you can have a puzzle system with more than two dozen challenges. My OZCANVEXUSâ„¢ puzzles are made in the USA. For maximum durability and the nicest look and feel to the pieces, they’re printed in four colors, on thick, high recycle content chipboard, with a smooth and glossy aqueous coating.

I play with my puzzles often, looking for new shapes. I still find them fun, and I hope you’ll get many hours of fun from yours, too. If you find a new shape, please let us know. Order a puzzle right now!

Uncle Ozwynne